Individual Hors d'Oeuvres

Popular Selections

Tostones al Mojo   $12 dz fried plantain discs with garlic dip
Fried Yellow Plantains   $8.50 dz.
Island Fruit Skewers   $18 dz. with Black Rum Dip
Saltfish Fritters   $16 dz. with green herb dip
Jerk Chicken Wingettes   Seasonal Price/dz.
Spinach and Groundnut Tartelettes   $17 dz. filled with savory spinach in peanut sauce
Sweet & Spicy Phyllo Logs   $18 dz. filled with cabbage, raisins and apples
Callaloo and Mushroom Mini-Quiches   $18.50 dz.  featuring tasty tropical greens
Confetti Vegetable Pancakes   $16 dz.  topped with herbed sour cream
Dunn's River Wingettes  Seasonal Price/dz.
Miniature Jamaican Cocktail Patties   $16 dz. beef, chicken, vegetable or assorted


Deluxe Selections

Coconut Shrimp   $27 dz. with Pina Colada Dip
Spicy Crab Balls   $25 dz. with cocktail dip
Jerk Shrimp Brochettes   $24 dz. with peppers and pineapple
Smoked Red Snapper Wheels   $21 dz.  on cucumber rounds with dill cream
Ackee Tartelettes   $25 dz.  filled with Jamaica?s national dish
Miniature Rotis   $25 dz.  (flatbread rolls filled with beef, chicken, or potatoes)
Grilled Chicken Brochettes   $21 dz.  with spicy peanut dip