100% Natural Juices and Beverages

Made on premises with loving hands, these beverages are fresh, healthy and delicious, too! In Jamaica, these traditional beverages are believed to have medicinal qualities. And to complement your party menu, they provide a unique alternative to the ordinary! Try them as mixers with vodka, tequila or light and dark Jamaican Rums. Your guests will appreciate the difference!


For Full-Service Catering: 2 qt. pitcher $15
For a'la Carte Pick-up or Delivery: $35 per gallon

Carrot Milk
the traditional Sunday beverage in Jamaican homes;
rich and sweet

a great thirst-quencher;
all thebenefits of carrot juice plus vitamin C
like a kiss of sunshine
Island Fruit Punch
a blend of our favorite tropical fruits
brewed from the bud of the hibiscus
flower, this sweet, chilled "tea" is spiced
with ginger and cloves
Strawberry Lemonade
both sweet and tart with fresh berry flavor
Ginger Beer
sweet and spicy, the authentic Jamaican favorite
Homemade Iced Tea
lightly sweetened, accented with lemon and fresh mint
Irish Moss
"The Drink of Champions"made from seaweed, linseed and
isinglass; sweetened and spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg
...very popular with the men...Jamaican folklore says
Irish Moss gives the much-needed energy to perform


 Other Party Beverages

Martinell's Sparkling Cider
$8.50 per liter $50 case of 6 liters
Perrier Sparkling Water
$6.25 per liter $36 case of 6 liters
Jamaican and Domestic Sodas
Grapefruit Soda • Champagne Kola,
Cream Soda • Orange Soda • Pineapple Soda

$30 case of 24 (12 oz.) bottles
$35 mixed case assortment
Coke, Sprite, etc.
$31 case of 24 (20 oz.) bottles
$36 Mixed case assortment

Coffee and Tea Service
$3 per person (full-service catering only)